“Coffret” are translucent film stickers that reflect light beautifully and come in fascinating, subtle colors. You can decorate with them freely, creating layered or side-by-side designs just like doing your makeup.

Seal line up

COFR001 | Horizon Blue

COFS001 | Horizon Blue

COFC001 | Horizon Blue

COFB001 | Horizon Blue

COFT001 | Horizon Blue

COFR002 | Forest Green

COFS002 | Forest Green

COFC002 | Forest Green

COFB002 | Forest Green

COFT002 | Forest Green

COFR003 | Chiffon Yellow

COFS003 | Chiffon Yellow

COFC003 | Chiffon Yellow

COFB003 | Chiffon Yellow

COFT003 | Chiffon Yellow

COFR004 | Pink Float

COFS004 | Pink Float

COFC004 | Pink Float

COFB004 | Pink Float

COFT004 | Pink Float