Easily organize your bags with “FLATTY”, new style of “Bag-in-Bag”.

Flatty is slim, lightweight and not bulky in the bag. It makes with durable material to protect the things inside. The flatty cover comes with a magnet that is easy to open and close. The transparent front cover makes you see the contents at a glance.


Card Size: 5356

Size: 115 (W)x94 (H)x18 (D) 

Pen Case: 5358

Size:  198 (W)x94 (H)x18 (D)

A6 Size: 5360

Size: 172 (W)x132 (H)x20 (D) 

Envelope Size: 5362

Size: 245 (W)x145 (H)x20 (D) 

A5 Horizontal: 5364

Size: 261 (W)x202 (H)x20 (D) 

A5 Vertical : 5314

Size: 192 (W)x261 (H)x20 (D) 

A4 Horizontal : 5366

Size: 325 (W)x245 (H)x20 (D) 

A4 Horizontal: 5316

Size: 235 (W)x325 (H)x20 (D)