Traveler’s b-side and rarities

It is a limited edition product. Total 7 types available in regular and passport size.

Traveler’s B-Side & Rarities
⁕ Washable Paper – Paper will not disintegrate if it gets wet in the rain or washed with the laundry.
⁕ Sticker Release Paper – Make a collection of all your favorite stickers.
⁕ Accordion Fold Paper – Note is spread like a map
⁕ Super lightweight paper – Fascinatingly thin and light paper.
⁕ A great way to express king wishes or gratitude whenever you are traveling or at home.
⁕ Letter Pad – Makes it easy to keep letter paper with you all the time.
⁕ Cotton Zipper Case – A great way to keep cards, tickets, pens, or cash with your notebook.